Why did i choose Event Management


I always wanted to play Multiple roles in my life…So during my first year of graduation on my friends saying went for an interview and got selected and started taking calls Welcome to _ _ _ _ _ Care my name is Anoop how may i help you today, yes i was working for boring Bpo and dunno how i survived there for 27 months and also started doing events part-time for my college.

Me and My brother,My role model – Joyson along with some more friends of mine did a Sports meet WARCRY which was a huge success and got some fame in the college then started planning to have a National level literary and cultural event  ZEPHYR and successfully had a 3 day event on 15th,16th and 17th July 2011, i was handling many departments and played a major role and the out come was Huge,now this gave me a small satisfaction,fame,respect among juniors. So after this success i really wanted to stick to this field and get a good name in the market,this is the first step of my journey.

we rock babie

My dream was to join NIEM for PGDM in event management but i am very bad at academics,trust me very very bad so still struggling to complete my Graduation.Mean while got a better opportunity with a good hike so with out looking back joined but i was really not happy with what i am doing even though earning very good,so i quit the job and started doing Events full time.


I still remember my dad’s words “doing what ever you like gives you double happiness than sticking to what you don’t like and doing it for others sake”.


Being a choreographer’s son started participating in  dance competitions at school and outdoor events from a very early age, learned Kuchupudi and all states folk dances from my dad Mr. Ravi Rajan for 4 years and Music from Mrs. Ratna Kumari for 2 years and participated in state level dance competitions organised by Jawahar Bal Bhavan and now started teaching dance at schools for their annual day functions,taking care of the whole event from switching on the first light on the stage, setting up the curtains and playing the last track and switching off the lights.Its really fun dancing with kids and getting good respect from every one talking over phones and Walkie Talkies making this happen on time,getting tensed,yelling at people and it really makes me feel amazing  when i am the boss and i decide things and i make things happen  and i need not work for 9 hours a day or waste 2 hours of my life travelling in the blady boring cab,no bossism,no worries about anything.

my pic

All  I need to do is Dance,Dance and Dance,Play with Colorful lights and they really come out well & Sound which gets you goosebumps from the Bass & Treble ,Setting up the stage the way i like it,Make-up for kids foundation,pan cakes,chick rose,eye shades,lip sticks and Kajal, and that’s it  ready to Goooo and Rockkk………

I always keep one thing in my mind “Its My show and I have to make it Large”.


As i already said I Love playing with colors and sound here are few Rock concerts arranged for College Events.


Rock Band by Anarchy at Zephyr – National level inter college literary and cultural festJignayasa

jignayasa-2 jignayasa-3


Lighting for Jignayasa – National convention for CA students on 28&29th June 2012 Organised by Board of Studies ICAI and  hosted by The Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI and Hyderabad Branch of SICASA


Pullela Gopichand former Indian Badminton Player

jashn jashn-2 jashn-3 jashn-4

Sound & Lighting for Jashn 2011 ( Fun fest hosted by The Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI and Hyderabad Branch of SICASA )


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